We are convinced that the solutions of the future cannot always be based on past experience. We must be open to new thinking and to what is emerging in the world. It takes courage and willpower to move away from merely recreating what exists and instead create the solutions of the future. 
That is our dream.


We are active in the business of exploration. Always in search of deeper meaning and new opportunities. We do this by asking questions. Even our name can be defined in many different ways. And we do this by experimenting. We approach the unknown.

To be impartial means to be unbiased, to look at certain things without prejudice. 
Employees who are "impartial" are not restricted by certain thought patterns. Their way of thinking is completely free, open and neutral. 


We are not your usual management consultants. We refuse to be. Our clients tell us that we are different from anyone they have ever worked with, and we consider this a strength.

Who would trust an innovation consultant who can't think outside the box? We insist on being open and curious about the world without standardized models for solutions.